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Find the entry in this window for your DuraLabel printer. Remove any other rolls of label stock from the area of the printer. All of our products go through intensive environmental and durability testing on-site to ensure they exceed industry expectations. Year Duralabel Printer Warranty The optional battery packs for the DuraLabel Toro and Lobo portable systems are warrantied for three years from the date of purchase. Most often, this happens with DuraSuite and Windows 7. This option should be set to Thermal Transfer. This includes our free lifetime software and hardware support along with our free loaner printer program.

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For these labels, you may need to use a special Extended Print option. Don’t show me this message again.

If you are graphic products duralabel pro 300 unable to print properly, please contact our support team for help. Our industrial-strength label printers and supplies are made to improve graphic products duralabel pro 300 and efficiency in the warehouse and out in the field.

If this option is checked, un-check it. If not, then continue to the next step. Loading Label Stock 3. If you see the same error again, please contact our support team for help. Create custom pipe labels on-demand as you need them. We know it gets confusing when numbers and percentages of graphic products duralabel pro 300 are thrown around.

Highlight and click on the Excel Spreadsheet page where your data is located, e. View your labels in sequence on 3000 Word display that appears. Then, set the Print Speed to 2 inches per second. Wondering if your current printer is “locking” you out of enormous savings? That’s the most common cause for this problem. Click OK to apply the change and close this window, reopen your label program and your label design, and try printing again.

If you are still unable to print, there may be a problem in the part of Producs that controls the printer. There is a green plastic latch that should catch it on each side. If the problem continues without anything coming out of the printer, please contact our support team for help.

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Wait about five seconds, and turn the printer on again. The ribbon duralabrl roll down the back of the back roller, forward through graphic products duralabel pro 300 wide-open part of the printer, up past the metal print head, and onto the front of the front roller. You can open the printer and roll the label stock back in, at that point.

Connect the printer to the computer with the Centronics or USB cable. This printer provides thermal transfer printing at user selectable speeds of: Check the Supply Loading First, check to make sure that the supplies are lined up correctly inside the printer.

ISS is the manufacturer of SafetyPro vinyl labeling tape.

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Cleaning the DuraLabel Lobo. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. With DuraLabel, you are asked to pay 2 to 3 times more compared graphic products duralabel pro 300 Precision’s pricing. Look at the label stock that is loaded, in ;roducts back of the printer.

If your label design is in DuraSuite, apply the changes, reopen your label, and use the Print Special option to retry printing. Then, try printing your label once more. The next option, Occurrenceshould be set to After Every Page.

Please check our selection of online videosor contact our graphic products duralabel pro 300 team for help.

Symbols File Viewer 64 bit operating system File name: Table Of Contents Contents 1. If not, please contact our support team for help. Getting Started with LabelForge. Procucts the spindles were faced the wrong way, correct them, close the graphic products duralabel pro 300, power it on, and try printing your label again.

All PathFinder products are backed by a one-year warranty. If you see more than one entry ptoducts the same printer, or if you do not see any entry at all for the Lobo, stop, and contact our support team for help. We offer money saving options for DuraLabel graphic products duralabel pro 300.

Right-click in the blank space on your desktop and choose Personalize in the menu. Review the list graphic products duralabel pro 300, then click Finish. If you have the original DuraLabel bluethen remove the battery, press and hold the ESC key, and put the battery back in.

Enter Printer 030 and set it as the default printer, if you choose, by checking the adjoining box in the Specify Printer Name window that opens.

After restarting, try printing your label once more. Otherwise, there are some settings to correct, which takes only a little longer. Higher speeds generally require higher densities. This manual also for: Specialty supply may be loaded improperly or may be missing the clear media cartridge.