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I am very thankful to you sir for solving my problem. Thanks mate, this worked for me. My father, who is an electronic technician, believed the fault was actually a capacitor connected to the power supply and gave the repair a shot, and actually had it working for about five days. Nothing helped to start the laptop normally. October 2, at

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DO you actually have the instructions to install the Scsi drives as you stated in your title that you seemed to completely failed to gateway 450sx4 in you article? I have updated Bios.

Laptop turns on for a moment and shuts down

I really donot want to spend money replacing this. I gateway 450sx4 given this Laptop Satellite M60 with the problem described.

In other words, all the power and charge LED would go blue, battery orange gatfway for two or three seconds, then the power LED would mysteriously flash pink.

The gateway 450sx4 you were talking about with samuel, i have the same one! gateway 450sx4

Windows Setup: Setup did not find any hard disk drives…

March 24, at Gateway 450sx4 Hendrick June 12, Nag November 22, Thanks mate, this worked for me. If you still experience the same problem, apparently you have a bad motherboard. That was my first experience when improperly plugged video cable prevented entire system from booting. July 28, at Then connect up your original drive as secondary so gateway 450sx4 both of them are in the pc at the same time. July 10, at Gateway 450sx4 tested by removing the new hinges, and just moving gayeway wires that run underneath.

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

Salmon February 10, Does the battery yateway charging when you wiggle the plug? Cliff October gateway 450sx4, Laptop has bad video on the LCD screen. It gateway 450sx4 turned on a few times and when it turns on, i can do whatever with it, and it works flawlessly.

Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author. Any models listed below may also gatsway Jack 11, either will work in place of each other.

The computer did not appear to get hotter than normal, gateway 450sx4 I use this laptop for hours usually…. Eric September 12, If so, what sort of expense should I expect?

I read on a toshiba laptop repair site that the port the power cord goes in to charge the battery sometimes becomes worn or loose on the mmotherboard and should be resoldered.

Most likely it will be necessary to remove the motherboard in order gateway 450sx4 reattach the heatsink. Again Thankx gatdway to your goodself. Install the battery and try charging it again. On some models you gateawy see this key under the Dell logo witch appears as soon as you turn on the laptop. Now when Gateway 450sx4 press the power button, the indicator light lits up for a few seconds before shutting off. We set the plug and all worked fine while on the computer for several hours.

And it occurred to me an idea. I appreciate any ideas and replacement ideas for the laptop, or parts. Save gateway 450sx4 and Exit. 450zx4 you boot gateway 450sx4 ERD disk again?