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The Controls on the Window 2 3 4 5 6 7 Figure No. Don’t show me this message again. System Configuration, General Settings 1. Playback Using The Memory Card Page 43 Center V2 Changing Playback Mode You can choose to play back video one by one in the same player or separate players simultaneously. The default path of recorded files is:

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GeoVision GV-CMS Series User Manual

Keep the port as default value or modify it to match the related port on the subscriber. Page Revise the translated text and click OK. Checking The Dynamic Ip Address geovision gv series Image Size See the table below for the corresponding image size between Center V2 and geovisikn subscriber.

Follow the steps below. Select a sound from the drop-down geovision gv series. Two-Way Audio When the operator monitors the secured sites through Matrix View, he can enable the two-way audio to any host immediately when suspicious events occur. To access this feature, right-click on a camera view that you wish to communicate with its host, and select Wave out Toggle to access audio from the host and Talk Back Toggle to speak to the host.

Page 11 Chapter 1 Center V2 With Center V2, central monitoring station CMS can be deployed immediately geovision gv series it brings multiple GV-Systems together into an integrated interface, allowing the operator to manage several systems from one point of control. Figure Click OK to finish.

Geovision GV-UBX Series Manuals

geovision gv series Click the drop-down list to select the camera to be configured. Table of contents Table Of Contents When the Group List is open: Monitoring Settings For Target Series Update system information successfully. Page Control Center 4. On the Center V2 window, click the Tools button No. The Controls on the Window 2 3 geovision gv series 5 6 7 Figure No. Page Click the Exceptions tab.

To configure this function, geovision gv series Configure on the window menu and select Notification to display the Alarm Settings window. Page Control Center System: Center V2 Storing Video Files in Separate Locations You can keep video files from each subscriber in separate locations using the storage group feature. Vital Sign Monitor Password Settings Geovision gv series can create administrator and user accounts with different privileges.

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geovision gv series Report the total amount of free storage space to Vital Sign Monitor: To access a live view, right-click any online subscriber on the tree view of the Dispatch Server window No. Add storage locations using the Add New Path button Assign a storage group to each path using the drop-down list. Video And Audio Configuration When the primary Center V2 server fails, all geovision gv series from subscribers will be diverted to the failover server automatically.

Think before you make any selection. Dual Stream Support List Chapter 22 Advanced Applications Remember to properly set up camera mapping first.

The position settings support negative coordinates, geovision gv series correspond to the XY coordinates in Windows Display Properties. Determines the frame rate seriss the pre-recorded period. Playback Over Network Ultra Box Camera Next Frame Goes to the next frame of the video file.

Geovision gv series control panel appears. Searches for the events you have opened on the Event List that is at the bottom of the Center V2 window.