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Once again, thanks Musician’s Friend for great product and great line 6 bass floor pod manual pdf download Again the modeling is very good and the sounds are very close to real. D, Rush Concert Video,: The biggest problem with the MM4 and I don’t sense it with the other pedals in the series is that there is the dreaded volume drop when you activate it. It works fine but the distortion almost overwhelmed the speaker and it started to break up. Treadle-style volume pedals are often also used to create swelling effects by removing the attack of a note or chord, as popularised by pedal steel guitar players.

Simple and amazing sound quality.

Sophisticated modeling effects can simulate different types of speaker cabinets e. Don’t judge this RP by the other RP’s you may have tried.

The key flor success with a processor like this is to be patient and spend time tweaking it. Read or study the manual and you’ll get it. The switches feel like a switch when you step on them.

A fuzz pedal or ” fuzzbox ” is a type of overdrive pedal that clips line 6 bass floor pod manual pdf download sound-wave until it is nearly a squarewaveresulting in a heavily distorted or “fuzzy” sound. This was an ok setup tho I had to create multiple patches dodnload different delay times.

The RP is built like a tank and is easy to transport in my Roadrunner pedal board gig-bag. Y Parts 1 — 3″. A girl charged in xownload fatal drunken driving crash also had photos from her MySpace page downloaded by prosecutors, who used them in their pre-sentencing report.

Multi-FX devices allow users to “preset” combinations of different effects, allowing musicians quick on-stage access to different effects combinations. I love the rotary speaker effect and the tremolo settings and options are astounding.


Overall, amp modeling in a pedalboard is not that useful to me. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to bring it in.

The knobs are resposive. This is much better than the RP in that respect. An equalizer is a set of linear filters that strengthen “boost” or weaken “cut” specific frequency regions. To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here. I think the models sound better than my Peavy. OO, October 14, at 7: Feels like a professional custom FX system. Took it line 6 bass floor pod manual pdf download for repair 90 minute drive, ugh.

True Bypass switching, so your direct tone is exactly that; direct from your guitar to your amp.

Line 6 Floor Pod Manual

Line 6 bass floor pod manual pdf download DigiTech RP pedal is built like a tank from a cast-metal chassis to the 14 vacuum-style switches. By Melissa Lafsky July 22, So, this is mine.

October 23, Movers in Mesa – Qualified professional movers for your local moving needs in Mesa area October 24, Also, if you try using the RP on it’s own, you’ll immediately discover that you can’t turn down the volume of your headphones. This item is not eligible for international shipping.