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Archived from the original on Rooney Rozelle Sabol Schramm R. This page was last edited on 27 Februaryat Ermal Allen would analyze game films and chart the tendencies of the opposition for the Cowboys in the s. Some suggested that Schramm’s moves divided the coaching staff, a plan to first undermine and then dismiss Landry.

Player stats at NFL. Landry’s first experience as a bomber was a tough one. Retrieved March 15, Tom Landry—awards, championships, and honors. He was drafted as a “Futures” pick, which was doqnload rule in place at the time that allowed NFL teams to draft underclassmen, and hold their rights until the player had completed his college requirement. Casper Ditka Mackey Newsome C. Despite this experience, Landry newe committed to flying. This change was called the ” Flex Defense “, because it altered its alignment to counter what the offense might do.

Members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He played through the season, and acted as a player-assistant coach the last two years, throughunder the guidance of new Giants head coach Jim Lee Howell.

That gave Odf an edge in preparation, because he knew what to expect from his opponent based on down and distance. John, Bob September 20, The better linemen of the s were the shorter, stockier, leverage players like Willie DavisAlex Karras and Andy Robustelli. The downpoad would be a season to forget, with the lowest point coming in a loss at the hands of the Cleveland Browns.

Dallas Cowboys head coaches.

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It revolutionized defense and opened the door for all the variations of zones and man-to-man coverage, which are used in conjunction with it today. Landry also was ahead of his time in his philosophy of building a team.

Ray Landry was an athlete, making his mark locally as a pitcher and football player.

Landry was inspired to join the armed forces in honor of his brother Robert Landry, who had enlisted in the Army Air Corps after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He received his bachelor’s degree from UT in Landry did not have a good debut as a starter; Mac Speediethe receiver he was assigned to cover, set an AAFC record for receiving yards in the game. It was developed by Coach Amos Alonzo Stagg around the turn of the 20th century; Landry was the first oandry to use the approach on a regular basis.

Tom Landry

Throughout his tenure, Landry worked closely with the Cowboys general manager, Tex Schramm. However, Schramm brought in Paul Hackett as the new offensive coach inand inhe hired offensive line coach Jim Erkenbeck and special-teams coach Mike Solari. Retrieved 9 July Landry attended the University of Texas at Austin as an industrial engineering major. Retrieved March 30, In the years lzndry, while most fans tthe their support for the team, there persists significant levels of resentment towards Jones over the mistreatment of Landry.

Dallas Cowboys inaugural season roster. McKinney appeared as Missy in the film Joe Dirt 2: Views Read Edit View pf. Landry died on February 12,after battling leukemia. The two were together during Landry’s entire tenure with the team. The Cowboys started with difficulties, recording an 0—11—1 record during their first season, with five or fewer wins in each of their next four. Lost to the Cleveland Browns in Divisional Round.

Charlotte McKinney

Roy was a weightlifter and Garland a college track coach. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

This page was last edited on 2 Marchat Retrieved from ” https: In the s, the Cowboys won two Division Championships, and made five playoff appearances which included reaching the NFC Championship Game three consecutive years —but failed to reach the Super Bowl. Landry’s career got off to a start after the Yankees’ starting punter was injured in the preseason, and Landry performed well in his place. Landry had declined several earlier offers by Jones to enter the Ring of Honor before accepting in Leading the Cowboys to three Super Bowl appearances in four years between andand five in nine years between andand being on television more than any other NFL team is what spawned the title of ” America’s Team “, a title Landry did not appreciate because he felt it would bring on extra motivation from the rest of the league to compete with the Cowboys.

Brown Campbell Csonka T. Since the dismissal, Jones has indicated he regrets the process of Landry’s firing and his role in it. Retrieved 20 October The Giants’ middle linebacker was the legendary Sam Huff. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

InDallas businessman Bum Bright bought the team from Murchison. Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of Thus, three such Flex Defenses were developed — strong, weak, and “tackle” — where both defensive tackles were off the line of scrimmage. Jones hired Jimmy Johnsonhis former teammate at the University of Arkansaswho had been serving as coach of University of Miami football team.