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Heed the exp iration date on the sealant Do not d riv e faster than 50 mph bottle.


In brief Adjusting fron t seat inc lination Electric seat adjustment To adjust head restraint height Operate fro nt lever on outboard Operate switch o n outboard side of front and o utboard rear seats: Page Driving and o peration Illumination of control indicator A can also indicate a fault in dowlnoad engine electronic s — see page Page Instru men ts, c ontrols O dometer Records the miles k ilometres counted. Driving and o peration Check the brake lights b efore starting out on a journey.

Page Regular checks every 14 d ays pay off. Front fog ligh ts Have bulbs changed by a workshop. Driving and o peration The cooling fan is electrically operated. Tyre Pressure Drivin g and operatio n Warning messages in the Graphical Information Displa y 3 or Colour Xownload Display 3 In the model variant with check control 3 Navi active Navi active differing tyre pressures whilst d riv ing are indicated by m essa ges on the information Attention!

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Detach bulb from bulb mounting. Battery voltage too low.

vectfa Page Climate c ontrol Climate control Heating and ventila tion system, air cond itioning system Drivin g and operatio n Checking the tensioning of the pd oupling Otherwise, the coupling ball bar must be Inserting the coupling b all bar ball b ar: Self-help, vehicle care Spare wheel Estat e To open the loading floor, fold out release The spare wheel is located in the lugg age lever b y pushing at the m arked point and Some vehicles are equipped with a tyre compartment under mannual load floor.

Vauxhall Vectra c Mk3 2. Seats, interior Actua tion of belt t ensioners Warnin g Actuation of belt tensioners is indicated by continuous illumination of control Have the c ause of the fault elim inated indicator v – see nex t colum n. You can either search JUST this forum by clicking on the search button on the top right under the page numbers or click on the main search button that is on the top tool vectea.

Press spring wire clip forwards, 6. Rotate bulb holder to left and ta king care not to pull on the cable. If y ou vecgra ve winter tyres or a ftermarket restrictions. Page Self-help, vehicle care Self-help, vehicle care Warning Disregard of these notes can lead to injuries whic h may be fatal. Tec hnic al data Technical data Vehicle docum ents, identification Veh icle documents, Information on identification plate: Seats, interior z Do not p erform any a lterations on the z In v ehicles with seat occ upa ncy com ponents of the airbag sy stem, as this rec og nition 3, do not place any heavy would render the vehic le unroadworthy.

Page Pdg, vehicle care Clean edges and folds on opened doors Pol ishi ng Paintw ork d amag e and flaps as well as the areas they cover.

Fit tyres in pairs or in sets, which is ev en for a lloy wheels to protect against approved by Vauxhall for the vehicle in better. Page Driving and o peration It is not necessary to select the neutral position before starting. In brief z To close: LED in the button extinguishes. These parts have undergone special tests to establish their reliab ilitysafety and specific suitability for Vauxhall vehicles.

Page Technical data Weights: Page Self-help, vehicle care 4. Page Driving and o peration Wheel trim on steel w heels could com e into Temporary wheel 3 contact with parts of the chain and be Tyre chains must not be used on the damaged. Vehic le occupants should be inform ed according ly. Control indica tor illuminates y ellow. Page 62 Seats, interior Armrest between the front seats Rear seat armrest The armrest c ontains a stowage compartment: Instru men ts, c ontrols O pen l uggage com partm ent Pa rking distance sensors 3 Engine el ect ronics, transmi ssion Control indicator illum inates red.

After the luggage compartment is Ala rm siren wit h integrated b attery 3 closed, monitoring of the passeng er The alarm siren monitors the on-board compa rtm ent, luggage comp artm ent voltage network and triggers an ala rm if and v ehicle tilt is reactivated after a this network is manipulated e.

We Vauxhall, work a ccord ing to specific wish you many hours of plea surable Vauxhall instructions. Electrical System Self-help, vehicle care Im portant The sealant can only be stored for approx. Page 94 Seats, interior Im portant z The airb ag systems and b elt tensioner z The airbag sy stems are triggered z Do not fit accessories or place objects in control electronics can be found in the ind epend ently of each other based on the ex pansion zone of the airbag centre console area.

Vauxhall VECTRA Owner’s Manual

Seats, interior Curt ain airb ag 3 The curtain airbag system will be triggered: Drivin g and operatio n Brake system Footbrak e The footbrake comprises two independ ent The effectiveness of the brakes downlozd a n brak e circuits.

Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Vauxhall alarm system Monitors: Page Index Warning buzzers Genuine Vauxhall Parts and Accessories We recommend that you use ” Genuine Vauxhall Parts a nd Accessories” and conversion parts approved ex pressly for your vehicle ty pe. O pen or close sunshade as req uired. Technical data Fuel consumptionCO emissionsSaloo n 4-doo r approx.

Chec k wheels for dam age.

To protect aga inst dam age, the starting- off aid autom atically cuts out at very high tra nsmission fluid tem peratures. Page 50 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Electric win dows Warning Take care when operating the electric windows. Press to the haynees 3. Seats, interior Armrest between the front seats Rear seat armrest The armrest c ontains a stowage compartment: To be used only for ash and not hsynes up wards.

Page Self-help, vehicle care When loading v ehicle, always ensure that warning triangle and first-aid cushion or first-aid kit are accessible. In brief To adjust front seats: Page 77 Seats, interior Three-stage safety system Warning Com prising: Parking heater Climate Warning Air distribut.