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Acervo Drive – Séries | Biblioteca da Lisa

I know I got a second story involving zombies. She does provide a faint spark of redemption with the transpiring of the final events in this book. Once they had convened the plot still felt stalled and there was no discernible tension or trvessia.

I understand this genre often carries an underlying if not outright commentary on society, but there was just too much of this here, especially when the Society they are trying to escape in the story is less than uncomfortable compared to other dystopian novels. There was a lot of description, but unfortunately not in the places where I actually needed it. In Matched, I witnessed the sickening, dread of life in a strictly dowmload environment, reminding me of events that transpired during World War II.

At this point I am conflicted as to whether I will continue with this trilogy. This is actually getting 2. One of the best aspects of this trilogy is Ally Condie’s writing style.

I hope she has a mass of tricks in her writer’s bag to dazzle and woo readers back for the big finale. View all 6 comments. He flees with Eli and Vick in the canyons and soon Cassia and her new companion Indie follow them.

I fucking loved her. It was as though we were, exactly where we left off in Matched, we know that the Society is keeping things from us, but we are no closer to solving it.

Cassia is allowed to have a supervised outing with Xander, since he’s really consie match, and during this outing she finds an archivist who trades with her some information about “The Pilot”. I couldn’t tell, but this definitely peaked my curiosity and I wonder what will be going on between them in the future Quero ler essa trilogia!!!!

In the meantime, Ky is dealing with the fact that he is being sent by the Society from Village to Village as a decoy in order to fool the enemy the Rising into thinking that there are actually villagers living there.

Cassia nearly takes the red tablet after what she finds out and I can totally understand that. It is not good. The plot was completely lackluster. A roupa usada pela protagonista em cada travssia durante o desenrolar do enredo. There’s nothing wrong with it, but still, it had me thinking that without Ky’s point of view, there would be a whole lot of holes to fill just to complete the story.

Travessia – Ally Condie

Crossed was slow paced, but again I was expecting that because of Matched. Throughout most of the book, though, I wasn’t sure if I xondie trusted her.

Oh yeah, and what was going on between Ky and Indie?! Crossed offers Ky’s view point and through his voice I gained an understanding of his history, feelings toward Cassia and all the events in his life that carved and chiseled him into the man he is today.

But Wlly found the task impossible. WHO is “The Enemy” that is mentioned at least a hundred times throughout the story and what is their motivation for rising up against The Society and killing down,oad in the Outer Provinces? It’s hard to even know exactly where to begin.

I really did, since the first book was amazing, but I just couldn’t.

Crossed (Matched, #2) by Ally Condie

Was anybody else wondering that? Sarah Sindorf classificou 5. Cassia confunded, does Cassia wuv Xander too?? Took me a year, but I actually finished a whole draft by graduation.

Crossed is unpredictable, it is dangerous and it is heart-wrenching! Books by Ally Condie. I’d recommend this book to strong supporters and fans of Traessia.