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I expected the author to improve his writing over the past few books but the quality still remains abysmal and the metaphors made me roll my eyes more times than I cared to count.

The language is simple and even though banking jargon are used abundantly, you won’t feel like suffocated in a boring corporate strategy meeting.

The story revolves around two different themes, first one about the various facets about the Corporate Life, especially the nuances about the Corporate Banking life, and the other one about the Naxalism. What happens when you have to choose between faith and logic? Coming to the content, the author once again, as usual, proved to be an excellent story teller through this book.

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In the narration he touches upon the typical political atmosphere of a private bank. On his arrival, the Governor reprimanded Ronald McCain catching him totally off guard. The heart thumping events that start with somewhere in Naxal infected jungles of Eastern India slowly unfold into the concrete jungles of Mumbai and eventually annulate into a deadly turn of events totally unexpected towards the end. Which of the following leading companies of the world, announced for the first Archived from the original on Reading should be for masses not for the classes only.

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I had this experience with If god was a banker and now again with ‘The incredible banker’. This page was last edited on 21 Februaryat Ravi’s language is simple yet sophisticated its not foul and its completely clean The narration switches back to and fro between two different time periods, each chapter however complementing the previous.

Coldwell Banker tag line: Find PDF is a free book search engine. A good thriller read, excellently written.

There are long portions of back stabbing and corporate politics, reoccurring so many times in the book that it takes sucks away from the fun you are having while reading the main story. Moreover, although this is something that I should be saying in the review of the sequel but since I posted its review way before, I’d have to say the same here – the structure that the author seems to follow seems too similar in both the books, various unrelated sub-plots and during the course of the plot, the author connects the dots.

Ravi Subramanian – The Economic Times”.

I felt at last, he got bored with himself and wrapped the story in a hurry, ending it as a not-that-great novel. The writing is unremarkable, infact bordering on bad, has too many characters that could have been avoided, however, the author obviously did not intend to meet any literary standards. If God Was a Banker. What more one can ask for. The story immediately shifts back by two years to the mundane work environment at GB2, with Karan Panjabi, despearately trying to meet his monthly targets and Deepak Sarup, head of internal audit division and his rival, trying to sabotage the performance of Karan’s department.

Jan 02, Rishi Katiyar rated it liked it. For all other readers out there, go ahead and get engrossed in the world of banking and politics therein. The best of all is the fact that all these events are connected in some way and the author manages to keep the reader in suspense till the last page.

However what I was looking was for a fiction typehaving a simple tone of narration.

Incredible banker pdf

Incidentally, I have read incrediblf sequel, The Bankster in the past and was certainly banket of the books from modern Indian writers which I have enjoyed. In effect, you figure out things even before the person investigating the scam figures it out and this is definitely a damper. Incrddible Banker Howard Perry and Walston.

These books contain exercises and tutorials to improve your practical skills, at all levels! To tue, I would say that The Incredible Banker is a good thriller novel, and it was quite commendable that the author managed to maintain the element of suspense till the very end.

Oct 07, Bhargavi Balachandran rated it liked it Shelves: The scam has its tentacles spread wide and deep and the bank has it’s business and reputation in stake. The book got number of character however till the end you will not be able guess that how closely all the characters are interlinked.

Want to Read saving…. Infact, initially I wondered what connection there was to some naxal leader to a tale about a banking scam.

Some of the characters are under-developed For instance the wife of a corporate head in downolad bank totally unaware of an extra-marital affair of his husband ; but still things move at such a hefty pace, you won’t probably notice these things. That sort of Bollywood-style transformation is frankly incredible. Ultimately, the author paints all the characters in broad strokes with grey shades, giving readers very little chance to feel sympathetic towards any of the them.

To know more, grab a copy now!

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I like how one understands the relevance of the first chapter in the last two chapters in the novel. Another banking related book by an ex-banker. It was a normal office day and I saw this book ‘ The Incredible Banker’ with my colleague.

Being a bibliophile, I have a collection of many unread books, mostly non-fiction.