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One of the best ways to sharpen and improve your stick fighting skills and techniques is through regular sparring exercises also called “stick sparring.

Stick Fighting Techniques

There’s a level of cooperation, as the goal is to help each other to defenss. Be careful when stick sparring in unstable terrains and environments.

Real fighting involves the unknown and a large dose of chaos. For more information about using stick fighting drills to improve your overall fighting performance, see my street stick fighting DVD. Make certain you are being supervised by a qualified stick fighting instructor.

Stick and Sword Techniques and Training Methods | Kali & Eskrima

You are standing and your assailant is kneeling. They’re great to build speed, power, perfect your physical techniques, and to learn important concepts.

Fighting with sticks will give you the skills necessary to pdv the weapon effectively and efficiently under a variety of combat situations. For many years I taught sombrada as a training drill, but haven’t used it since or so. The principles and training methods listed here work for both stick and sword in general, but specific methods work better and worse depending on the particular weapon used.

Thrusting motions with a rattan stick should be used sparingly and only under certain combative circumstances. Now, I’m the first to state it’s highly unlikely that you will be faced with a situation where you will fight a criminal adversary with two sticks in your hands.

Deflection – you can deflect the stick attack. Reprint or distribution is strictly prohibited. Stick thrusting motions simply lack neutralizing power. The end portion can now be used for butting techniques at close quarter combat range.

This training can include emphasis on particular aspects of fighting, where practitioners agree to work on various entries, combination counter attacks, etc. CopyrightContemporary Fighting Arts. You will also need a room that will allow the both of you to move around freely without running into windows, doors or other objects.

Stick Fighting Techniques That Can Save Your Life: Contemporary Fighting Arts

Increase the power of your arm blows. Striking – you can strike the opponent’s weapon hand with your own stick. You’re not trying dwonload directly help your partner to learn, but to win. Sammy Franco will aggressively prosecute those found publishing Contemporary Fighting Arts materials on the Internet without written permission. Kali sticks allow the fighters to engage in full contact training, however protective gear i.

Knowing the difference can save your life! Sticks are also ubiquitous and can be readily employed in many self defense situations. You can thrust with a stick, but it won’t have quite the same effect as thrusting with a sword.

Stick and Sword

However, there are a few substantial differences. Check out Sword and Circle for more on random flow training, this post in particular. You are kneeling and your assailant is prone position. Stick fighting is a form of combat where practitioners use hand held wooden sticks often called kali or escrima sticks to fight each other. When the tip of your stick makes contact with a hard body target, it will put tremendous strain on your wrists which can lead to a severe sprain or possible break.

For example, “intonga” is an ancient stick combat martial art practiced in South Africa. The stick and sword techniques and training methods in FSD are a mix from a variety of styles, and based on our 4 Step Matrix. Random flow training isn’t sparring in the sense that you’re sttick fighting each other.

Reinforces your sense of target recognition.

Third, it significantly enhances your weapon retention when fighting. Block – you can block the oncoming stick attack. Stick and sword training is different, but also very similar.

Stick and Sword Although you’re highly unlikely to end up in a stick or sword fight on the street, stick and sword training gives doanload the foundation to use almost any non-projectile weapon in self defense, is largely transferable to unarmed fighting, will teach you lessons you can use in other areas of self defense, and is great for exercise and enjoyment.

Below you’ll find our general curriculum with links to pictures and tecbniques. When you are done reading these guidelines, you might want to also look at my street stick fighting DVD. The basic stickwork consists of fundamental angles of attack and footwork. Perhaps in a Rambo movie but not in a real world self defense situation.