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Been trying for a while to save this file for off-line reading. Method of measurement of building and civil engineering works, Part 2: Do spread the word if you liked standdard article. Thank you very much in advance. You are a genius. I am a composer and publish many of my scores under the same license and would not hesitate to take legal action for copyright infringement against any website who attempted to withhold my content in order to extort others for monetary commercial gain, given that the license clearly states that my scores are not to be shared for commercial use.

IS 1200-1: Methods of measurement of building and civil engineering works, Part 1: Earthwork

Hello davidjerk and WMD! Thanks for all the tips and tricks, however after struggeling with the downloading, I hoped you guys could help me, http: Here is a new fix. Sundaram has already pointed out that authors of content on Scribd have the option to enable or disable downloads of their documents, and one would assume that if a particular author wished to disallow users from copying or downloading their works, they would have simply measuurement the ability of users to download said works.

If yes, please provide the URL link.

BIPM – Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM)

I badly needed this pdf file for our math class. Takes 2 seconds, lol.

I have selected that the scribd. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could download this. I would be very grateful. Follow the above method till step 2.

When I go onto the mobile scribd site. The normal workaround will not work for files which must be paid for individually. Now save the file by clicking on Download Now button. Previously you can by pass this restriction by printing files using virtual PDF printer and saving it to your disk.

So, which method worked for you? Without it, I had to buy the book just to do its exercises. Can you please actually tell me which is the first and last steps as written. Alternatively I suggest you to just give a Google search it seems to return some useful results.

Install Firebug add-on and restart your browser. Now click the button. I just stadnard taken back to the URL above…. Using firefox plus the script and mobile web, a blank page comes. Could you please download it and send it to my email?

Please can you tell me how to convert them because i need thousands of books from scribd. Does not work, as of May 4th. Works perfectly with Opera Mobile Emulator; just go to Scribd mobile site, find book and download. I need help downloading off of a 3rd party website the-notebook. Can someone help me on downloading this document? Hi, please help me get this document. Should be an eye opener for all those who have similar questions in their mind.

I will try to download and post any requests made. Doc you have mentioned is downloadable. Method of measurement of building and civil engineering works, Part 5: Now Firefox will appear to sites as if it is running on an iPhone.

I wonder why I could not get this pdf.

I am iffy about putting my email on here, but desperation prevails!!!