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There are other sorts of wealth, still more valuable, on the spiritual and intellectual planes, which you can give; and you can start from this point and practise the spirit of opulence, even though your balance at the bank may be nil.

The danger is in not sufficiently realising our own richness, and in looking upon the externalised products of our creative power as.

The Spirit of Opulence | Wealth | Religious Belief And Doctrine

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IT is quite a mistake to suppose that we must restrict and stint ourselves in order to develop greater power or usefulness.

Remove them from Saved? You will riot only og to experience an inflow on the spiritual and intellectual planes, but it will extend itself to the material plane also.

If we clearly realise that the creative power in ourselves is.

If we choke the outlet the current must slacken, and a full and free flow can be obtained only by keeping it open. Now the spirit is Life, and throughout the universe Life ultimately consists in. This action might not be possible to undo.

We must not make ourselves dependent on any particular. That is not where the danger lies.

If you have realised the. But all this exists in, and is produced by, our.

Thomas Troward the Spirit of Opulence With Notes | Wealth | Universe

Of course, if we believe that some form of self-starvation is necessary to our producing good work, then so long as we entertain this belief the fact actually is so.

Where we are drawing from the.

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The Spirit of Opulence

The spirit of opulence—the opulent mode of thought, that is—consists in cultivating the feeling that we possess all sorts of riches which we can.

If we avoid this error, there is no need to limit ourselves in taking what we will from the infinite storehouse: When once this principle becomes clear to us we shall see that our attention should be directed rather to the giving than the receiving.

This is to form the conception of the Divine Power as so limited that the best use we can make of opulece is by a policy of self-starvation, whether material or mental.