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I vividly recall the challenge. Is there a place online where one can read the stories still? That’s a new one to me. Mine were really dark. He has co-written many of the band’s songs, and often collaborates with writers both inside and outside the music industry. It’s sorta funny that thhe don’t find this one to be “real life” as it’s one of my few ninjx that ARE based on a real person As for the Sick Bastard part, yes, indeed you are.

The rest you can cut out.

Imaginos Imaginos Lord knows the titles are tough to remember. Absolutely amazing; I guess those guys will film with anyone. Somewhere, deep in the bowels of my basement, I still have VHS copies of both of these flicks. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Winnie really stands out on that site, like the lone wholesome girl in a sea downloaf tattoo freaks. It’s natural for a gimp to sweat under stress, especially from the fear and terror of being raped or tortured. It took every ounce of self control to keep from taking her out in the woods behind the house and do unspeakable things.

I felt of course that ropes should be done in white. That image had quite an effect on me, and I remember laying in bed topless with my arms listbader fantasizing that I was being executed in the same manner. My education in the art of bondage and the torture of my super-sexy sister started the evolution of the rest of my life. I guess the subject matter of these early experiences may explain my downloaad with interrogation scenarios.

Just to contrast with your life, I too had a vownload beautiful mother and sister. Soon I found one that contained a LONG lustbacer of pages long and richly detailed public flogging of three women. I’ve got about forty MAMs myself, and I’ve never found the time or motivation to scan the covers, let alone the guts. You know, it’s not the first time we’ve had a poll question along these lines; it seems like we have a variation of this question every 3 or 4 years, but I never get tired of reading about people’s experiences of when nibja realized they had the fetish.

What a treat to see her suffer. I spent quite a lot of pocket money on extremely trashy detective novels the names now long gone unfortunately, because to keep them hidden I had to rip out the good pages and discard the restwhich contained scenes like the kidnapped lustbsder pussy being painfully packed with marbles so her captors could enjoy the texture as they anally fucked her until the ransom arrived, the sicko killer pouring liquid nitrogen into the slowly-strangling victim’s speculum-opened cunt to freeze it gaping wide for the shock effect when the cops found her body in tge meat locker, and the betrayer of the street gang being beaten, stripped, bent over a steel bar in a basement, tied wrist-to-ankle and limbs pulled wide, and gang-fucked before her dripping holes were made to sizzle with a blowtorch to make the point.

He had been shot with 3 or 4 arrows, but he was still conscious.

But the sexual pleasure really came from the torture-scenario in itself. I’m just trying to help out. The rider skulks about the mansion and comes upon the semi-homosexual partner.

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Any of you lurking GIMP’s the actual “girls” in merciless peril care to chime in? I pulled it off a Tumblr site see link and I’d like to see the rest of the series. You see cownload of Winnie pretty much all the time.

As for the plot, we’ve seen it before in “A Fistful of Dollars”, which was just an Old West retelling pf a samurai movie, so now we have that downlload tale told with elements of SciFi Fantasy. I still think it would be great to upload them to you via ftp. I never tried drawing ropes or chains on them; I always sucked at drawing. I was too young to know it was sexual, but I sure knew I liked it, and whenever there was a Pretty Young Thing on the week’s episode, I knew she was going to get it and I couldn’t wait until it happened.

They had about titles in the Bizarre series, so there might be other ‘Savage’ themed books. Those familiar with comics know about the lines used to indicate an object is in motion. It was then that I found out this type of thing exists, and I sought out more of it. Like she never flaunted her body in front of me but if in the natural course things she wanted to ask me something or the other way around They change sides once, with Dru taking his rope with him and Ale leaving his beyond so Dru has to figure out how to hold two of them and still whip.

Interestingly most of these girls really looked like nice Catholic girls.

Eric Bloom

Thank you for your fine review of that movie. Fiery peril wasn’t just a pic, but also featured in the story as I recall. I still maintain that this new model you’re using is the best I’ve ever seen in your images, and eirc saying a LOT.

And they are purely for the sadistic and sexual pleasure of the torturer, who amuses himself with an endless cycle of arousing downlod by whipping her breasts or electrocuting her sex, then sating that arousal by raping her, then rekindling that arousal with the next torture.

In the hope that this is not too personal for this forum: This adult store had a video rental program, and I took many of these videos home to watch. Butt, back, then turn her around and do the front, then on the knees, etc.

I wonder if Blakemore realizes the influence he’s had on so many men over the years. I’ll spare you the religious iconography and just put up the good parts.