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Chapter 19 Edit Menu Chapter 19 Edit Menu Undo The Undo command enables you to take one step backward and remove changes that were made to the image or that were made within the current dialog. Download Center Capture NX 2.

Nikon Capture Nx2 Tutorial

To use the LCH capthre to edit your images, follow these steps: Working with the Edit List Deleting Steps and Enhancements Steps and enhancements can be deleted independently of each other. Printing Contact Sheets Printing contact sheets To print a series of images as a contact sheet, follow these steps: The Brightness slider enables you to control the brightness within the image.

After selecting the primary sorting tutkrial, choose to have the images sorted in either ascending or descending order using the Nikon capture nx2 tutorial pdf download and Descending options. Alternatively, you can press the enter key on your keyboard to open the selected images.

Manage Settings The Manage Settings section enables you to determine which settings are displayed within the Load Adjustments sub-menu of the Batch menu. Click on the pull-down menu for the Open destination folder with other application after transfer option. Page By default, Capture NX 2 will automatically crop nikon capture nx2 tutorial pdf download image using the same aspect ratio to hide all areas of the image where there is no image information.

Capture NX 2

Rename By checking the Rename checkbox, Capture NX 2 will rename the images using the naming system found within the File Naming captire. Browsing and Opening Nikon capture nx2 tutorial pdf download Capture NX 2 provides you with a number of ways of locating and opening images in order to enhance them. Superimposed on this hue map, nikon capture nx2 tutorial pdf download are provided with a chroma curve that can be used to isolate and adjust the chroma of individual colors.

Learn more about the Dapture. The different rendering intents control how colors from your image are made to fit into the colors that your printer can produce as indicated by the njkon profile. Expand Collapse Tech Specs. Shortcut while the LCH enhancement is active: Page Flip Use the Flip command to mirror the image across one of two axes: This is an easier way than sending an e-mail, meant for quick questions, comments and much more.

Capture NX 2 – Full version (Digital download) from Nikon

Page The Master Nikon capture nx2 tutorial pdf download channel provides you with the following controls: The RGB option displays the nikon capture nx2 tutorial pdf download, green, and blue histograms, superimposed over one another.

Available Labels, Manage Settings Available Labels The maximum number of labels available depends on the selection in the Label Compatibility pull-down menu.

Page Chapter 28 — Appendix: The horizontal axis represents the luminosity level, while the vertical axis represents the number of pixels found at each luminosity level within the current image. You can select Print… from the File menu at any donwload to print the current image, or you can select multiple images from within the Browser palette to create a print package.

Creating Custom Workspaces Metadata The metadata workspace is designed to provide you with optimum workspace to review and add metadata to your images.

Learn more about the D2Xs. The Edit List palette can be used as a history that allows you to go back and modify any of the adjustments that you have previously made to your images. Two Color Nikon capture nx2 tutorial pdf download Points were used to enhance color and brightness of flower petals and the background.

Nikkon cache systems speed up the interaction of Capture NX 2 by storing processed information on the hard disk, enabling Capture NX 2 to use the cached information instead of reprocessing the files. Select one or more images within the browser or select another image within the editor.

Please check back after it’s available for purchase. Reset Workspace Selecting the Reset Workspace option will reset all of the palettes and windows to their default locations, based on the current active workspace.

Within the downloav editor, you are presented with a histogram that represents the total luminosity values within your image. You can trust us: Capture NX 2 is the latest version in a long line of quality tools from Nikon designed to speed up workflow for photographers. Use Select All within: Using Open Folder in Browser With this tool, you can convert your image to a black and white, sepia, or nikon capture nx2 tutorial pdf download image.

Nikon | Imaging Products | Capture NX 2

The Manual are for customers who have purchased our products. If you select the appropriate option from the pull-down menu, Capture NX 2 will be able to read the label and rating information added by that application. If you assign color management within the print dialog, it is very important that you turn off color management within your printer driver.