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Transportation map & tourist map of Paris (France)

They should be able to speak and answer to you in English. Buying a ticket out of a vending machine is fairly simple. Metro, RER, buses, tramway, and cable tramway in Montmartre. Now that you have your ticket, you are ready to go through the access downliad that will validate your ticket and let you metro plan paris pdf download.

The nice advantage over a PDF or paper map is that they will indicate your current position on the metro plan. The city is plagued by traffic jams like most big cities in the world. Click image to open PDF. Guimard Paris metro sign. The sign indicates the time remaining until the arrival of the next train. Print metro map pdf. However, you will have to choose a range zone. Metro plan paris pdf download is also sold in many shops like book stores, coffee shops, cigarette and magazine stores that show the RATP sign RATP is the name of the public company that runs the metro lines.

Not all turnstiles will take your paper metro ticket, some are dedicated to RFID electronic passes like the Navigo pass.

They are used by the Parisians to commute in and out of the center of the city. The right-hand side of the screen has several informations. Nothing fancy, it is just about knowing which stations and lines are going to take you to where you want metro plan paris pdf download go.

The other advantage is that they will work offline without an internet connection. How to ride the metro? The Mobilis metro pass gives you metro plan paris pdf download travel possibilities using the metro, bus, RER, and tramway for a day.

Print and bring with you RER metro map pdf. You will not be into the actual metro network until you have crossed the ticket validation turnstiles.

Map of Paris

This is the option you would select if you wanted to travel outside central Paris where the airports are located. Print it and use it while in town. There are two versions of it. It works with a RFID communication technology which means that you will only have to wave the card in front of a Navigo receiver on a turnstile to validate metro plan paris pdf download entry in the metro station.

You also choose their geographic coverage among the 5 concentric circular zones of Paris.

Many first time visitors prefer using taxis, metro plan paris pdf download are a lot more expensive. Read more about ticket prices and their usage below. The Visite travel card For convenience, we recommend you to buy the economical and dpwnload Paris Visite travel card.

Special tickets have to be bought to get to zones 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Down the stairs you are into the entrance area. The second type is a proper street referenced PDF map with the metro plan paris pdf download landmarks, official buildings, parks…referenced like any proper map.

Other PDF sizes which are more precise can be uploaded into a mobile device like an android phone or a Ipad tablet.

This feature will allow you to know exactly your plwn on your way to the metro station you want to reach. Once the language is selected you will get back into the buying ticket process in English. Paris Digest Paris city guide since Printable Paris metro map. Printed versions are given free in Paris Tourism Office and ticket desks in stations. Basic metro map Complete map with stations, street names and landmarks.

You will have to choose the fare zones you want it valid for. Special tickets have to be bought for zone 2 to 6. Strangely, the language selection is only on the second screen. Station on line 14 newest metro line. Locate top city sights on Paris tourist map. Metro plan paris pdf download are available online here. Once in front of the turnstiles look at the foreside, they have small led screens that indicates if they are operating green arrows on or not red pariz metro plan paris pdf download.

I have easily spotted the closest stations on the complete map as you can see on the right, once done I have highlighted the Metro lines that join the two stations in black. Download This PDF plan to your computer. Metro stations metro plan paris pdf download a minimum of two possible directions, and more if it is a big station with connections to several lines. The options you purchase will be recorded on an electronic memory card inside the pass.

Things to do in Paris.

Download tourist travel kit in English with sights and metro lines. For convenience, we recommend you to buy the economical and practical Paris Visite travel card. It also shows the metro and RER networks. Metro plan paris pdf download metro in Paris is the most efficient way to move around the city during your visit.